Pure Home Made Desi Ghee (1kg)

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Enjoy the real taste of our Pure Punjabi Desi Ghee, known as one of the best in Pakistan. Our 1kg pack is priced just right, making our Pak Pure Desi Ghee a great choice for daily cooking and special meals. Experience the classic touch of real Desi Ghee in every bite.

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Centuries of Punjabi culinary heritage flow into every jar of our desi ghee. We use time-tested methods passed down through generations to craft this pure, golden goodness.

Our ghee is the purest desi ghee in Pakistan. Here’s what sets our desi ghee apart:

  • Milk from Punjab’s Finest Cows: Our journey begins with fresh, creamy milk sourced from local, ethically raised cows in Punjab. These cows graze freely on lush pastures, contributing to the rich flavor and quality of our ghee.
  • Traditional Bilona Method: We follow the authentic Bilona method, a slow and gentle simmering process that clarifies butter while preserving the unique taste and aroma of desi ghee. This traditional approach ensures a healthier and more flavorful product compared to commercially produced ghee.
  • Pure & Unadulterated: We believe in purity. Our desi ghee contains nothing but clarified butter, free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, or added colors.

Desi Ghee Vs Only Ghee

Regular ghee can be made from various sources, while desi ghee is pure clarified butter made from cow or buffalo milk using the traditional bilona method, known for its richer flavor and potential health benefits.

Desi Ghee Making Process:

Our desi ghee is meticulously crafted using the time-honored bilona method, a testament to Punjabi culinary tradition.

Here’s a glimpse into the care that goes into every jar:

  • Fresh Cream, the Foundation: The journey begins with fresh, thick cream separated from the milk sourced from our local Punjabi farms.
  • The Art of Churning: Using a traditional wooden churner, the cream is gently churned until it transforms into golden butter. This slow churning preserves the delicate flavors and textures.
  • The Slow Simmer: The butter is then simmered in a stainless steel or copper vessel over a low flame. Patience is key here, as the slow and gentle heat allows the milk solids to separate and settle at the bottom.
  • Skimming and Clarifying: The clarified butter, known as ghee, is carefully skimmed from the surface, leaving behind the browned milk solids. This meticulous skimming ensures a pure and flavorful final product.
  • Golden Goodness Ready: The final step is cooling and filtering the ghee to remove any remaining impurities. This results in the rich, golden liquid that graces your table.

Our bilona method may take longer, but it’s a labor of love that guarantees the superior quality and taste of our ghee. Every step is undertaken with the utmost care to preserve the legacy of this Punjabi tradition.

Flavor and Aroma of Our Desi Ghee:

Uncap a jar of our Ghee and be greeted by a symphony of taste and aroma that transports you straight to the heart of Punjab. Unlike regular ghee, our Ghee boasts a unique sensory experience:

  • Rich, Nutty Flavor: The traditional bilona method unlocks a deeper, richer flavor profile compared to commercially produced ghee. Hints of nuttiness and caramel emerge, adding a delightful complexity to your dishes.
  • Warm, Buttery Aroma: The slow simmering process coaxes out the natural sweetness of the butter, resulting in a warm, inviting aroma that fills your kitchen. It’s an enticing fragrance that promises a delicious culinary journey.
  • Elevates Every Dish: A dash of our Ghee adds a touch of magic to your cooking. It enhances the flavors of your curries, vegetables, and dals, leaving a lasting impression on your palate.

Our Desi Ghee Specifications: 

Our Punjabi desi ghee embodies the essence of authenticity, crafted using time-tested methods passed down through generations.

Here’s what you can expect in every jar:

  • Made with: 100% Pure Desi Cow Ghee (or Buffalo Ghee, if applicable) – No fillers, additives, or artificial ingredients are used.
  • Bilona Method: This traditional slow-simmering process clarifies the butter while preserving its rich flavor and aroma.
  • Rich Golden Color: Our Ghee boasts a beautiful, natural golden hue, free from artificial coloring.
  • Distinct Nutty Flavor: The bilona method unlocks a deeper, nuttier taste profile compared to commercially produced ghee.
  • Lactose-Free: The Bilona process removes milk solids, making our Ghee a perfect choice for those with lactose intolerance.
  • Net Weight: Available in various sizes to suit your needs 1kg, 2kg.

Additional Information:

  • Shelf Life: Unopened, our Ghee can be stored for up to 4 months in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Storage: For optimal quality, refrigerate after opening.

Our Punjabi Ghee is a testament to purity and tradition. It’s a product free from any added minerals or preservatives, offering the authentic taste and potential health benefits of real ghee made with the dedication passed down through generations.

Our Desi Ghee Benefits For Health:

Desi ghee isn’t just a culinary delight; it is good for health, passed down through generations of Ayurvedic wisdom. Here’s how our desi ghee benefits incorporated into your diet can positively impact your well-being:

  • Rich in Essential Vitamins: Ghee is a natural source of Vitamins A, D, E & K, which play a vital role in maintaining healthy eyesight, immunity, and bone health.
  • Aids Digestion: The butyric acid found in ghee promotes gut health and supports a healthy digestive system.
  • Promotes Good Cholesterol: Ghee may help improve your cholesterol profile by potentially increasing HDL (good) cholesterol and reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. (Note: Moderation is key)
  • Lactose-Free: The bilona method removes milk solids, making this Ghee a great option for those who are lactose intolerant.

Usage/Application Of Our Desi Ghee:

Desi ghee’s rich flavor and high smoke point make it a versatile addition to your kitchen, offering endless culinary possibilities:

  • Unlock the Magic of Spices: This Ghee is the perfect medium for blooming spices. The slow simmering process during ghee production allows it to carry the essence of spices beautifully, infusing your dishes with incredible depth of flavor.
  • Sautéing and Stir-Frying: The high smoke point of Ghee makes it ideal for high-heat cooking. Sauté your vegetables, stir-fry your favorite protein, or even make fluffy scrambled eggs – desi ghee adds a touch of richness without burning.
  • Flavor Boost for Curries and Dals: A spoonful of desi ghee elevates your curries and dals to new heights. Add it towards the end of cooking to enhance the flavors and create a luxuriously smooth texture.
  • Roti and Paratha Perfection: Ghee adds a unique flavor and flaky texture to your rotis and parathas. Brush them lightly with ghee before cooking for a golden brown finish and an irresistible taste.
  • Sweet Treats with a Twist: Ghee can add a delightful twist to traditional Indian desserts like laddoos or halwa. It imparts a subtle nuttiness and richness, taking your sweets to the next level.
  • Beyond Cooking: In Ayurvedic practices, desi ghee is used for medicinal purposes. You can consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner for guidance on these traditional uses.

Ghee’s versatility allows you to explore a world of culinary creations. Experiment, discover, and experience the magic of authentic Punjabi cooking in your kitchen.

Why Our Desi Ghee:

  • Crafted with the utmost care and dedication to authenticity
  • Offering an incredibly competitive Desi Ghee price in Pakistan
  • Free from any artificial additives or preservatives
  • A taste and purity that’s truly exceptional

Desi Ghee Price in Pakistan

While desi ghee prices can fluctuate in Pakistan, we’re committed to offering some of the most competitive rates you’ll find. Currently, our 1kg jar of desi ghee is priced at 3200 PKR, making it one of the most affordable options on the market. Our desi ghee price for customers of Karachi and Lahore is also the same. To ensure your ghee arrives fresh and delicious, a small delivery fee of 300 PKR applies. Experience the taste and health benefits of our premium desi ghee without breaking the bank.

Order yours today!

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13 reviews for Pure Home Made Desi Ghee (1kg)

  1. Noman Khan (verified owner)

    Great Service and quality. I have used their desi ghee and it’s 100% khaalis made in home

    • Ameer Hamza

      Thanks Nouman for the feedback

  2. Aftab Zahra (verified owner)

    Thanks order received and Ghee is 100% khaalis

    • Ameer Hamza

      Thanks Aftab for the feedback

  3. Ameer Hamza

    100% Pure & Quality.

    • Ameer Hamza

      Thanks Ameer for the feedback

  4. Fasih

    acha ghee hay

  5. Sadia

    I have receive my parcel today.Packing is very good.Thank you

  6. Laiba

    bht zbrdst taste b bht acha h ❤️❤️🤤

  7. Ateeq

    vry good product

  8. Abdul

    Genuine Product. well packed! Thanks Seller

  9. Ume Bareera

    Bohat Bohat Acha Desi ghee hai smell bhi or colour bhi original Desi jaisa hai or taste bhi bohat acha hai first time maine desi ghee order kiya or bohat acha I like It 😊😊

  10. Sonam

    yummy 😋

  11. Tariq

    Desi ghee was original, same as shown in picture.

  12. Talha

    Nice product and packing, thanks

  13. Abdullah

    nice desi ghe

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